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10 oz. New York Strip Loin

  • Single Box Size: 6 x 10 oz. 
  • Family Box Size: 12 x 10 oz. 
  • Economy Box Size: 24 x 10 oz. 

Inside these cases you will receive our Alberta naturally raised, 28 day aged, center cut, grass fed, grain finished, AAA New York Strip Loin Steaks. These portions have been individually frozen and vacuum packed for easy preparation and to preserve freshness. All of our beef is locally sourced and has no added hormones or chemicals treated to them. 

Cook thawed until you have reached your desired consistency or until you have reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. For best results brush oil on your steak and season to taste and grill on bbq around 300-400 degrees F until you can turn or flip the steak with no resistance. If your steak is sticking to the grill then you are either trying to turn it too early or your bbq is not hot enough.




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