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Jumbo Hot Dogs

Jumbo Hot Dogs

  • Single Box Size: 16 x 4 oz. 
  • Family Box Size: 32 x 4 oz. 
  • Economy Box Size: 64 x 4 oz. 

Inside this case you will receive our gourmet Jumbo Hot Dogs. These portions have been individually quick frozen and vacuum packed for easy preparation and to preserve freshness. 


Make sure to rinse your proteins before cooking. Cook from frozen or thawed state until you have reached the desired consistency or until you have reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. For best results, cook thawed, use a knife and cut down the center of hot dog from end to end so as it cooks, it opens up. Baste hot dog with your favorite bbq sauce and serve when hot. 

Chicken and or mechanically separated chicken, beef, water, modified corn starch, salt, wheat flour, spice, sodium erythorbate, garlic powder, sodium nitrate, smoke.

Allergens: Wheat, garlic.

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