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About Us

Since 1990, Canadian owned and operated Chef Select has been bringing our quality products directly to hundreds of communities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. By offering the absolute best selection of gourmet meats and seafood to our customers we can ensure that each and every time your family sits down to dinner you will be sure to see empty plates and happy faces. In order to maintain a strong Canadian economy, we at Chef Select believe it is important to source as many products as possible from within Canada to support our local producers.

Our vision at Chef Select is a simple one, "to bring choice, selection, customized packaging and the absolute best quality products available anywhere in Canada to our customers front door."



At Chef Select, freshness means everything so we have forged relationships with producers that have implemented IQF (individually quick frozen), and FAS (frozen at sea) freshness preservation methods. We are happy to offer our customers the absolute freshest, sustainable product available in Canada. All of our products are kept in a suspended state of freshness by introducing an additional vacuum-sealed process to ensure our product will have the same quality of freshness months after its been in your freezer as the day it was packaged.

We fully endorse our line of foods as we use them ourselves and would never sell anything that we would not prepare and serve to our own family.



By practicing state-of-the-art thermal packaging techniques in combination with the use of dry ice, Chef Select is able to ensure product integrity by keeping your individual order frozen while it makes its way to your doorstep. Our delivery timeframe from ordering online is 7-10 days and we offer online tracking of your order utilizing our courier tracking system(s), so you know exactly when to expect the arrival of your order.

Your payment method will not be processed until your order has been created and staged for delivery at which time you will be notified of your shipment. Orders outside the Calgary area will be notified by email as to when your order has been shipped and in the Calgary area you will be contacted by phone and or email to arrange a convenent time, to deliver your order. By selecting cooler service for local Calgary deliveries you will be charged at the checkout for the cooler box and dry ice that is used to keep your order frozen until your arrival.

You will be notified by email when your order is shipped and you will be able to follow the progress of your order online until it arrives at your doorstep or when you should make your way to the post office to pick it up. If you are in a rural area or use a post office box system, you will be notified by a delivery card system (through Canada Post) upon arrival. We do recommend to keep on top of your order by either tracking it online, contacting your local post office or by contacting us toll free anytime, to make sure your order makes it safely to your freezer.  

If it is more convenient, you may ship your order to your place of work (if postal service is offered), and set your sealed frozen box of gourmet treats aside until the end of the day or until you can take it home and store in your freezer. Since our packaging keeps your order frozen for a period of 3-5 days, you do not have to worry about it thawing on you inside a warm location. We recommend to have it in an open or well-ventilated area, as there is dry ice inside the package. Easy to follow instructions are provided on every  shipping box explaining how to easily dispose of any unused portions of the dry ice, once you open your package.


Calgary Delivery Times And Charges:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm / Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Courier Delivery 0.0 kg - 3.0 kg $30.00 + tax
Courier Delivery 3.01 kg - 5.0 kg $25.00 + tax
Courier Delivery 5.01 kg - 10.0 kg $20.00 + tax
Courier Delivery 10.01 kg - 15.0 kg $15.00 + tax
Outside Calgary (Alberta) Delivery Charges:
Canada Post - XpressPost 0.0 kg - 3.0 kg $40.00 + tax
Canada Post - XpressPost 3.01 kg - 5.0 kg $50.00 + tax
Canada Post - XpressPost 5.01 kg - 10.0 kg $70.00 + tax
Canada Post - XpressPost 10.01 kg - 15.0 kg $90.00 + tax
Outside Alberta Orders And Delivery Charges:
You must contact us directly and we will customize your shipping pricing according to the location you live in.

Discount coupons such as Groupon or other marketing discount coupons maybe used to purchase any item on our website and wholesale list price list, that is not used in conjuction with the VIP or staff discounts. Only one coupon per order may be used at a time. Groupon coupon codes must be sent to us to be activated on our end before they can be used which can be done by clicking on "contact us".


Having trouble finding that special someone the perfect gift well look no further than our great gift certificate solution, a perfect idea for the person or people that have everything. The gift of food never gets old and is always appreciated especially when the person receiving the gift can go to our website and custom order their own taste selections, we can absolutely guarantee this is one gift that will not end up on someone’s dusty shelf. When using your Chef Select Gift Certificates you will be allowed to use these at the checkout and still receive your VIP Status discount or on website sale items.


At Chef Select we believe that a solid recycling system is key for all current and future businesses, which is why we are only use recyclable plastic, paper and Styrofoam products. We have come up with some really good ideas for the reuse of the Styrofoam packaging, and hopefully you can find a good use for your family and everyday life. By working together we can all help to minimize the environmental footprint we leave behind and by doing so ensuring future generations the same beautiful country we have today.

Reuse the food box we ship to you:

  • Take shopping: put food items in to keep cold or frozen, until home.
  • Take camping to keep food products cold or frozen
  • Take fishing to keep caught fish in (use a plastic bag inside box)
  • Take hunting to use as cold storage for your portions
  • Use to ship frozen goods to friends or family members
  • Use when driving long distances to keep your products cold or frozen
  • Use as a cold beverage container for sporting events
  • Use as a homemade chicken egg incubator
  • Use as a small animal carrier, just make several air holes in all sides
  • Use as storage for your collection of fragile Christmas ornaments
  • Use for transporting fragile items when moving or mailing parcels
  • Use in working area for rebuilding motors acting as support for the motor board as a nonabrasive
  • Use instead of Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap or packaging materials (cost effective)
  • Donate them to your local food bank to assist them with preparing hampers for their customers
  • Keep your special prepared meal hot while in transit, or bringing takeout food home for family dinner
  • If all else fails, recycle, recycle, and recycle!